Bali Iron connects you as a wholesaler or retailer with unique metal manufacturers from Indonesia.


Handcrafted, with an obsessed eye for the details and with lots of love, every single piece becomes an absolute master piece for your garden or in-house interior.

We are permanently based in Bali and establish the direct connection between you as a customer and the metal artists from Bali and Java.


We bundle the huge variety of different iron manufacturers for you into one offer. Just pick your favourite designs and we will create them for you. A service that does not exist in this form anywhere in South East Asia. 

Our network in Java and Bali is boundless, which allows us to get you exactly those metal figures you have in mind. Every design you imagine can be made from scratch.


Finding the right manufacturers and combining the quality and uniqueness to the highest level is not a task which can be done within a year. It takes years of hard work and dedication to establish this network. Only the best of the best artisans will provide you with beautiful sculptures & handmade designs. 

We are more than happy to send you our inspiration catalogue. Together we constantly create new models for our team!

65.000 IDR
Centipede Red
Height: 30cm
65.000 IDR
Snail Balist
Centipede Green
Length: 55cm
Fish Nemo
Length: 45 cm
150.000 IDR
Fancy Bird
Height: 120cm
150.000 IDR
Fancy Bird Grey
Height: 120cm
135.000 IDR
Red Wonder
100 cm
125.000 IDR
Crazy Bird
Height: 90cm
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Height: 30cm
Height: 40cm
40.000 IDR
75.000 IDR
Height: 53cm
92.000 IDR
Height: 65cm
110.000 IDR
Height: 90cm
110.000 IDR
63.000 IDR
Height: 60cm
185.000 IDR
Height: 94cm
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